The simple happiness of berry picking

It is that time of the year again when the weather is warm, the fruits are ripe and the moods are light. I have always been fascinated by the concept of berry picking (I admit that the idea has crept in with the influx of American shows and movies) but nevertheless, it was on my bucket list for a while. And who can blame me? Picking your own fresh produce, in lovely weather outside on farmland – Best day out ever!

On my last trip to Michigan to visit family, I shared this idea with my sister-in-law (who is the cutest little thing in the world btw!) and before I know it, she has found a farm, booked a day when the family is free and we are soon loading into the cars to go berry picking! My first time ever! One cannot even imagine how excited I was. Well, since I am writing a post about it, it is quite clear. But I would like to share the photographs more than anything. If there was ever a beautiful day for farm photos with fruits, this was very much it!

We drove from Northville to Berry Hill Farm in Dexter. The drive lasted about an hour (mainly cause we lost our way there) but when we finally got there, we were so glad we did! The place was a typical American farm (Referring to my movie knowledge here folks!) but everyone else was also impressed. It was the first time for them at this particular farm, so it definitely was a new experience.

The cute details from the entrance all the way to the farms added a whole new level of charm. The people who run the place were friendly and explained how things were done. Following this quick orientation, we stepped out the back door and voila! Green meadows and sunshine! Follow the signs, under the archways to berries. PS: how adorable are the hedgehog and that little ceramic house 🙂

Rows and rows of bushes, full of berries and insects (understandably!). We were given white plastic holders (which I suspect were the big milk cartons but what a smart way to reuse them) to store our individual pickings. There were blueberries and raspberries shining in the sunlight. With crisp blue skies and a slight breeze, it was simply heavenly to be outdoors.

At the end: After weighing our berries, we got to go home with boxes full of fresh berries (baking sessions behold), lots of photographs and memories of a very fun day out with the whole family! (and luckily no insect stings! It is such a possibility that I invested in insect repellant for the future)

Next plan: Apple picking in autumn season!!! PS: Are you reading this sister-in-law? 😉

Photo courtesy: My very patient & enthusiastic (on the inside!) partner-in-crime Adi ❤


be passionate. be curious.


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