10 things to do in and around Northville

  1. Catch the sunsets. No explanation required.
  2. Brunches at Rebecca’s in Northville: Pancakes, waffles, eggs, milkshakes… Phew! Toy planes on the ceilings and a toy train making the rounds of the joint. Sigh! When Rebeccas is full (which it usually is) and there is a wait, drop by the restaurant on the opposite side of the road for some mimosas. Now that is BRUNCH!
  3. Afternoons with some beers!! My favorites are Blue Moon and Oberon Ale (highly recommended)

  4. Road trip to Ann Arbor for the absolutely delectable milkshakes at Kilwin’s. Well, its one of the reasons to visit Ann Arbor, we all love this university town, don’t we? When around, make some friends too.IMG_20170708_135336
  5. Beers at the Fowling Warehouse (the name is apt!) before… Wait for it! Next point, please…
  6. A soccer match! I cheered for the Detroit City FC in a packed local stadium of crazy loyal fans, music and energy! I could do with this experience again. I sure have the scarf ready for it 😉
  7. Berry picking at Berry Hill Farm in Dexter. Check out my post about it here.
  8. Chill by the numerous lakes. Michigan really has a bunch of them. Picnic, BBQ or even take a nap, no one judges you 🙂
  9. Channel your inner Frida Kahlo with the best Mexican food in Barrio Coccino in Plymouth. I end up eating here at least once a week every time I am around. It has smooth bartenders who convince you to drink even smoother tequila, a bright yellow interior for those sudden rainy days and the creamiest guacamole in the area.
  10. End the night at North Center Brewing Company for some more local brew and a game or two of shuffleboard. The night’s young folks!

    11. Of course I will add one extra tip: A visit to The Henry Ford in Detroit. A little history never hurt nobody!

    be passionate. be curious.

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