10 things to do in Zadar

Endless blue waters dotted with blissful islands, stunning hiking trails through numerous national parks and age-old cities: Croatia is a dream vacation for anyone & everyone. It is now truer than before. Game of Thrones made sure of that 🙂

This is my list of 10 things to do in Zadar :

  1. Explore the Old Town: Winding marble streets take you down alleyways, past souvenir shops and cute little cafes
  2. Panoramic views from the bell tower of the Cathedral: A different perspective
  3. Admire the Venetian Gates
  4. Walk through the Roman Forum: Take a trip back in time
  5. Visit Ugljan: Paradise is only a ferry ride away!
  6. Listen to the Sea Organ: Musical notes in the sea breeze
  7. Watch the sunset over the sea: Molten is the only way I can describe the feeling
  8. Have your own private dance party at Greeting to the Sun: Lights, music, action!
  9. Romantic dinner at Bruschetta: A beautiful restaurant with delicious food and wine and great service. Splurge a little 😉 {Bruschetta (duh!) and the vegetarian lasagna recommended}
  10. Drinks in one of the many bars of Old Town: Hopping can be done in so many ways!

My 24 hours in Zadar did not give me a lot of time to check out the museums and other buildings. I trust that the Archaeological Museum is very reputed and so is the Church of St. Donatus. Next trip maybe 😉

Read about my Zadar trip on DW Travel:

The old yet innovative city of Zadar

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