Hike to Heisterbach Abbey

When I explain what ‘good quality of life’ means to me, my explanation will invariably incorporate the possibility of the simple pleasure of getting out on weekends, to breathe some fresh air to get away from technology and the usual schedules we are so accustomed to. Luckily, in a country like Germany, this is a rather easy habit to develop. In the spring of 2018, my friends and I made a pact to spend every weekend outdoors by making good use of the opportunities of hiking in and around Bonn. The most memorable of these weekends was our hike to Heisterbach Abbey. The U-Bahn ride from Bonn Main Station to Oberdollendorf gave us all a chance to get acquainted. We were a big group, some meeting each other for the first time. The most friendly and warm set of people ever! Disembarking at Oberdollendorf, we started hiking, passing by old timbered houses.

We did not know then that our hike would connect us to the Weinwander Weg (translates to the Wine Route). Leaving the homes behind, we hiked through sweeping vineyards spanning the whole hill.

Following photos, we carried on hiking through the forest for approximately 30 minutes to reach our destination: Heisterbach Abbey. Old stone ruins, green pastures and lots of sunshine were components of our afternoon picnic that day.


A further walk in the woods brought us to the Biergarten at Petersberg. After all this hiking, we all definitely deserved the fresh beer overlooking the valley 🙂

Stay tuned for more hiking ideas!

be passionate. be curious.


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