About me: Eesha

Hi, I’m Eesha!

Based in Germany, a consultant by profession, a traveller by heart & an enthusiast to my very soul. I’ve grown up in India, lived in Wales & seen other places in between. My love for travel gave birth to my fascination for photography. working during the week, travelling on weekends & always looking forward to my next adventure- no matter how big or small. I read extensively, practice yoga, take long walks and bake muffins. I am never afraid to try new things and when I am afraid, I try them anyway. That is what life is about right? Sunsets, dumplings & puppies are a few of my favourite things in the world. I live by what I believe- experiencing life- and this blog is dedicated to my travels, photographs and memories. I am passionate. I am curious. And this is my


(Regenbogen means rainbow in German. To me, it symbolises the variety of life, to which my writing is dedicated. It doesn’t stop at travel. It tastes, smells and feels everything. Also, I started learning German 3 years ago, it is a part of me now just like this blog!)

One Comment

  1. Sartenada

    Excellent about-page. I always read them, before commenting. We have visited Germany many times, made three road trips and now planning next autumn again a new road trip. We love Germany.


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